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Best Hair styles of 2013

best hairstyles


Who said that we can use accessories only for events? We can transform a evening hairstyle with a daily style, we could use it at the office, for a date or for a park walk with our friends, or even shopping! A nice combed hair, a high fashion updo you could do in the morning and a beautiful accessory to match your clothes- you will be guaranteed the hot attraction for all the day- and assured that your updo will stay in place all day long!

sexy braids and accessory


Not only the accessories are in fashion, but let’s not forget the braids! Why not mix up braids, updo and hair accessories? Let’s see the result…

loose ponyThe loose ponytails are in fashion, and if you add a few extra clip in extensions on the back of your hair, you will add not only volume, but a romantic look and a more healthy hair impression!

warm shades and duo colourBeyonce shows us how to rock a hair colour! The warm shades give us a romantic and friendly feeling, warms up our face and is the best choice for women with warm skin, brown eyes. The two colours of hair fashion is back in trends!

do we still like the bobHilary Duff rocks a long bob hair style, and if we ask ourselves if we still like the bob styles, well… they are never out of fashion, but this year, the longer and wilder bob rocks!